Complete guide for your hangout on a hot day NY edition

Summer is about outdoor fun under the sun. However, with the hot days ahead in New York, being under the sun is not the best for your health. No worries! This blog is your complete guide for a FUN & SAFE hangout on a hot day! Buckle up and sit tight till the end - the last suggestion won't let you down!
July 28, 2022

On the other hand, this doesn't mean that you can't have fun scheduling a day out in this weather! You just have to factor in the high temperatures and plan accordingly. A bit too much work? No worries, Meltek is here for just that.

This blog will be your complete guide to planning your hangout on an extremely hot day with hints on what to do and tips on how to protect yourself.

Buckle up and sit tight till the end - the last suggestion won't let you down!

Meltek's complete guide for your summer hangout!
1. When to start your day & what to bring?
2. Where to spend your day amidst the heat?
3. Where & when NOT to spend the day?
4. The X-Factor that makes your day out even BETTER!

When to (& NOT TO) start your day out?

The best time to start your day is the morning - ideally around 9 AM when the temperature is still on the low end and the sunlight is more bearable compared to later in the day. Starting the day early will also allow you to squeeze more activities into your schedule and have more fun time!

In case you're not a morning person and would rather sleep in, that's okay! Just remember to avoid heading out and staying under the sun around midday. That is when the heat peaks and so does your UV exposure. Being out and about during this timeframe will be harmful to you and your health - especially your skin.

What to include in your bag?

Going out on an extreme-weather day is different from a nice-weather day - you'll need more preparation. Double-check the list below before heading out to make sure you're well-prepared (screenshot it if needed!)

Enjoy your time at cool places to avoid the heat, such as...

While being out in the sun for too long isn't recommended, there're plenty of indoor places and activities where you can enjoy yourself just as much as outdoor ones. After all, it's New York City - the fun never ends here!

For some recommendations of what you can do, we have collected a few interesting exhibitions and destinations that may interest you.

Kimono Style: the John C. Weber Collection (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Description: "This exhibition will trace the transformation of the kimono from the late Edo period (1615–1868) through the early 20th century, as the T-shaped garment was adapted to suit the lifestyle of modern Japanese women." - The MET

The exhibition lasts until February 20, 2023.

Life of A Neuron - ARTECHOUSE

Description: "Walk through a neuron—the “thinking cells” of the brain—and witness first-hand the beauty of one of science’s greatest mysteries: the human brain. Life of a Neuron brings artists and scientists together for a groundbreaking collaboration to explore how the brain shapes the shared human experience." - ARTECHOUSE

Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet As It's Kept - Whitney Museum of American Art

Description: "Titled Quiet as It’s Kept, the 2022 Biennial features an intergenerational and interdisciplinary group of sixty-three artists and collectives whose dynamic works reflect the challenges, complexities, and possibilities of the American experience today." - Whitney Museum.

The exhibition lasts until September 5, 2022.

Plan to be indoors during midday - go grab lunch!

One of the best times to stay away from the outdoors is at noon when the day's most burning hours hit and the UV index peaks. Spending too much time under the sun during this time is extremely detrimental for you and your own health - even with protection from sunscreen and sunglasses on. The best option to make it both safe & enjoyable for you and your loved ones is to schedule a lunch break or a quick coffee time at places within indoor seating!

Reminder: Check the availability of the restaurants/coffee shops before you go & make reservations if possible! There're lots of people who would want to spend time in air-cooled places as well.

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