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A man unplugging a power cord from a wall socket with a switch off sign on it. She is wearing a blue shirt and holding a remote control in her other hand. The image has a caption that says “Unplug, switch off and turn up the AC”. The image is promoting energy saving and environmental awareness.
How does Demand Response help the environment?

How does Demand Response help the environment?

Imagine you're an airline passenger and the flight is overbooked. The airline will offer you an opportunity to wait for a later one and compensates you with a free ticket or maybe a free night in a hotel. Now think about the energy grid and imagine electricity demand is expected to exceed supply.  What if you were offered an opportunity to lower your energy consumption and get compensated for it?

It would make little sense for an airline to add a flight for a handful of passengers or, in the case of electricity, build another power plant. It is much better, both for the environment and economically, to lower electricity usage when energy demand exceeds available supply, than to turn on the dirtiest, most expensive electrical power plants to meet the demand.

So why not offer consumers an incentive to cut their energy use in response to extreme demand circumstances?

That's exactly what Meltek does and you can learn more about it by subscribing to us or scrolling down below!

How does Meltek work?

How does Demand Response help the environment?

Helpful Articles and Press Releases

Watts in your honeycomb? How Meltek tracks your watts usage.

How does Meltek work?

When you sign up for Meltek , you get paid to save energy. Our program is free, and your participation is one of the most important solutions in being able to manage our energy problems.

Long Island residents and small businesses can get paid to save energy and help the environment.

For the first time, PSEG-LI residential and small business customers can get paid for reducing electricity usage at peak demand times without installing any smart devices or other hardware. Meltek has expanded its free money-saving and pollution-reducing service to Long Island.

Meltek is now available for residents who have Orange and Rockland as their electric utility

Meltek has launched its free money-saving and pollution-reducing service for Orange & Rockland Utilities customers. Residents in Rockland County, Orange County, parts of Sullivan County and parts of New Jersey can now get paid to use less energy during peak demand hours.

The new Meltek App Saves ConEd Customers Money and Helps the Environment

Meltek is now available in the Apple App store and Google Play store as a free mobile app that ConEd customers can use to save money and reduce pollution.

Your Con Edison Energy Bill is too high in New York.

Relationship with Con Edison.

We are an official Smart Usage Rewards (Demand Response) Aggregator of Con Edison. Learn more about the partnership.

All the ways to save electricity and money at home.

Energy Efficiency is key to lowering utility bills and reducing our carbon footprint. This is an exhaustive list of all the smart ways you can reduce your electricity consumption when it is needed the most.

How to track how many watts you've saved with Meltek.

How do we track your energy savings and reward you?

Learn more about how we track your watts and reward you for using less energy

Peaker Plants: A nationwide problem.

How does Demand response help the environment? Your small change in using less electricity could help us phase out Peaker Plants. Learn more about how these polluting generators are bad for our environment and the New York community.