How Does Meltek Work?

Getting paid to save the planet has never been easier.

Behind the Scenes: How Meltek Saves You Energy, Money, and the Planet!

How Much Can I Earn?

How much you can earn is up to your energy-saving efforts, your household size, and average energy usage. The more energy you can save, the more you can earn! The typical customer in Con Edison territory can expect to get back 20% or even up to 80% of their July and August electricity bills, but it's possible to earn more if you’re a savvy energy-saver. Psst, one of our members in Westchester got his summer electricity bills back for free thanks to his clever energy-saving efforts!

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When you sign up for Meltek, you get paid to use less energy during certain hours - It's that simple.  Our program is free, and your participation is one of the most important solutions in being able to manage our nationwide energy problems and grid instabilities.  

In this article you will learn:

What are Events?
What are the Steps?
Who Can Participate?
How Much Can I Earn?

What is an Energy-Saving Event?

Now this not an actual "event", but the term we use to identify a window of time, typically a few hours during a heatwave in the weekday afternoon to evening, when demand on the electrical grid is high and the utility has a hard time keeping up with energy supply. Events usually happen during the hottest summer days or if there's urgent local situation, such as when a transformer blows. During the event time period, a user will try to use less electricity than usual and Meltek will pay them for their energy savings. An electric utility, through Meltek, would rather pay customers for their energy reductions (lowering demand) than pay for more energy supply generated through expensive, and polluting power plants,  known as “peakers.”

What are the steps to get paid?

When you’ve successfully enrolled into Meltek's energy-saving program, your utility verifies with us that they can connect to your smart meter so we can record changes in your usage. When an energy-saving event is called, you’ll:

1. Receive A Notification:  The utility lets us know that an energy-saving event is expected to happen during certain hours and we notify you via an email, push (available by downloading our app) or SMS.
2. Pre-cool:  Members can prepare for the event by pre-cooling their home before the event time to ensure comfort during reduced energy usage.
3. Reduce:  Members reduce their energy usage.  You’ll receive ongoing energy savings tips from us.
4. Get Paid:  If you’ve used less energy, you'll get paid by Meltek for your energy savings.

Who Can Participate?

Currently, our service is available to Con Edison customers in New York City and Westchester, PSEG customers in Long Island and Orange and Rockland customers in Rockland county, Orange County, and parts of Sullivan County, where smart meter data is available so we can quickly see how much electricity you used during a particular time period. Meltek is rapidly expanding to more territories, please sign up so we can gauge interest. Watch our video below where we introduce you to our customer from NYC, Jenny: