Join World Environment Day This June 5th & Get PAID!

Looking for the best way to join the World Environment Day this Sunday, June 5th? Meltek is here to offer you 4 suggestions that you can do easily and even earn you money. Don’t miss out on what you can do to join the world on celebrating this day while adding some bucks to your wallet!
June 3, 2022

Heat waves, temperatures surpassing 100ᵒF degrees, or fatal forest fires in recent years. Those are just a few noble examples of what humans’ exploitation of Mother Nature’s resources over the past centuries has resulted in.

Facing the consequences of our own actions and the potential energy shortage in the future, since 1973, World Environment Day has been established and celebrated annually on June 5th—each year with a different theme—to advocate environmental-saving actions, promote a greener and more sustainable planet, and save the Earth. For the year 2022, with the climate crisis escalating significantly, the theme was decided to be #OnlyOneEarth: you have #OnlyOneEarth, please protect it.

Looking for a way to join the world on this day? Great to hear! Meltek is here to offer you 4 suggestions that you can do quickly, easily, and immediately. Don’t miss out on what you can do to join World Environment Day this Sunday, June 5th!

DIY challenge: No Trash Day!

Food leftovers, takeaway boxes, tissues, or plastic bags are simply a few among many other wastes that we produce every day. Though we don’t usually keep track of how much trash we throw out, the number is quite alarming.

Do you know that every single day, New Yorkers dump, on average, over 10,000 tons of waste, which means over 200,000 tons per month and more than 3 million tons of trash per year? Now, imagine that number multiplying in all NY-state cities and towns. How crazy is that!

So, the first thing you can do immediately, at your convenience, in your own home, is to challenge yourself with a No Trash Day! It may sound tricky, but it’s just as simple as using your own bags while grocery shopping, not wasting food, avoiding using plastic utilities, or bringing your own mug to the café. Doable, isn’t it?

Enjoy New York summer outdoors!

We’re in New York, the place with the most fun to be in, exciting events to attend, and breathtaking destinations to visit. Make every moment worthwhile! Especially when the World Environment Day falls within Pride Month, we expect to see even more spectacular activities almost every week (if not daily!).

Thus, turning off all the electronics and lights in your house and walking outside to enjoy what New York has to offer would be a fantastic idea!

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The Air Conditioner power-saving tricks when you’re at home

If you’re not that much of an outdoor person and prefer to stay in your bed all day, that’s fine! With our A/C tips and tricks, you can still join the World Environment Day and save energy and even your electricity bill.

Always keep your thermostat as high as you can

With heatwaves incoming and demand going up, experts predict that power plants will not be able to meet the demands. Thus, keeping your thermostats as high as possible is advisable to help reduce the stress on electric usage and your anxiety about paying the utility bill later. The suggested degree to set at is around 78 degrees.

Close the curtains during extremely sunny days

You may not really notice this, but letting too much sunlight go into your house can warm the space up quickly and thus require a lower A/C temperature to cool it down. Keeping your curtains closed when eligible will save the place from heating up and allow you to set the thermostat higher, ideally around 78 degrees.

Turn the fan switch to “on”

Another way to play around with your thermostat is to turn the fan switch to “on” instead of “auto” mode. With the fan mode on, the air in your house can be circulated better, and the room temperature is more balanced—not too hot nor too cool. This tip is particularly helpful during heatwaves. Try it!

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Get PAID with Meltek by doing JUST the above things!

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