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For many Americans, Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. But, summer fun comes at a cost and also higher electric bills to keep us cool. Read this blog for our top 5 energy reducing tips for the summer.
May 11, 2023

1. Use fans instead of Air Conditioning


Did you know that fans use around 1/60th of the amount of energy an air conditioner uses? (Source: The nice breeze that fans produce allows you to turn your thermostat or AC temperature higher without compromising your comfort. If you do not currently have one, ceiling fans are easy to install and are also a great way to add décor to any room in your home. Today, ceiling fans, as well as stand-up fans come in an array of designs that serve not only a functional, but also stylish purpose. Whether it be for your lofty sunroom in Westchester or cozy apartment on the Upper East Side, these energy-saving fans are a great way to add charm to any space!


2. Maintain, Repair, and Replace your Air Conditioning unit when necessary.  


For days when using the AC is inevitable, you want to make sure that your air conditioning unit is ready to go! Being proactive about the maintenance of your air conditioning unit is an excellent habit to practice as it will extend the life of your unit and potentially avoid unexpected and pricey replacements later. One way of maintaining your unit is by regularly cleaning out the filter. Did you know a clogged AC unit can use up to 15% more energy? Clean out those filters for fresh air and put extra money in your pocket. (Source: If you need to buy a new AC or electric appliance, make sure it has the ENERGY STAR label. ENERGY STAR® is the trusted, government-backed symbol for right energy-efficient products.

Energy Star Label and Logo
Look for this label, it means the product is energy efficient.

3. Hang your clothes up!  


Take advantage of the warmer weather by hanging up your laundry instead of constantly running the dryer. The average household can save anywhere from 10-20% on their electric bill. (Source: Although hanging your own clothesline is quick and easy, we know it may not be feasible for everyone so, simply hanging your clothes in your closet and opening the nearest window works just as well!  

4. Unplug and Engage!  


Save binge-watching The Office for a rainy day and go outside! Just make sure you unplug your devices that aren’t being used while you’re at it! Unplugging your chargers, power strips, and smaller appliances help to reduce energy costs by avoiding the use of “standby” electricity. Standby electricity refers to the power being consumed by products even when they are not being used, but still plugged in. While it might not seem like much, eliminating the use of standby electricity can save you up to $100 per year! (Source: Here are some events in the New York City area that you can see, all for FREE!


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 5. Use Meltek!

Get paid for saving electricity | Meltek

Don’t just save money, earn it! Meltek offers a free program that pays you for temporarily reducing power when the grid needs your help. By using Meltek in combination with the practices listed above during an energy-saving event, you can earn money to put towards anything you want! The earning doesn’t stop there though, refer your friends and family in the New York City, Westchester, and Long Island regions. Doing so will earn you an additional $5 for every person who signs up for Meltek using your referral code! Our program is free with no risk.

Signup Steps:

✅You sign up with Meltek on or download our app. Provide your electric utility information - the process takes less than 2 minutes!  

✅You follow our suggestions to reduce your electricity usage (as easy as turning off the lights when you head out) during high energy demand hours. You will get notified of these energy-saving events to temporarily reduce power.  

✅Meltek works with your electric utility (Con Edison, PSEG Long Island, Orange & Rockland) to calculate the amount of kWh you saved during the energy-saving events.  

✅You get rewarded for the energy you’ve reduced. Transfer your earnings directly into your bank, or get Amazon gift cards, and even plant trees!

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The only thing better than saving money is having the ability to save the environment at the same time!