Meltek is now available in the app stores.

BROOKLYN, NY, February 7, 2023 / -- A Brooklyn-based climate tech startup called Meltek has launched a free mobile phone app that ConEd customers can use to save money and reduce pollution. ConEd and Meltek will pay New York City and Westchester County residents and small businesses to save electricity during peak demand hours, such as on the hottest days of summer.

For many years, large commercial and industrial electricity customers have been able to participate in Consolidated Edison’s “demand response” program, through which ConEd pays them for reducing electricity usage during a set of hours that they are alerted to, often a day in advance. But today, Meltek, a demand response “aggregator,” is changing that by providing these ConEd incentive payments to area residents and small businesses through a new iPhone® and Android™ app. ConEd funds the reward payments because the payments save money for the utility compared to the cost of providing peak-demand electricity, and the reduced load improves the electrical grid’s reliability.

All 3.3 million Con Edison customers (residences and businesses) are eligible to sign up for Meltek’s free service by downloading the Meltek app in the Apple App Store® or on Google Play or by visiting

Once a user signs up with Meltek and connects their ConEd account number, Meltek can send easy-to-follow text or email alerts, letting them know when they can earn money by postponing large appliance usage, such as washing machines and dishwashers, adjusting thermostats (including pre-cooling their home/business before the demand response window), switching off lights, or unplugging electrical devices. The exact ways of saving electricity are up to the customer, and ConEd and Meltek have structured the demand response program so that no customer can lose money by signing up (for free) with Meltek.  Signing up with Meltek does not change a customer’s electric service provider or otherwise alter the relationship with Con Edison.

The electricity produced during peak hours by so-called “peaker” power plants is often the most polluting and carbon-intensive, so the energy savings also reduce air pollution in local communities and combat climate change.  

Peaker plants, which are expensive to maintain and typically emit a lot of pollution due to their age and use of fossil fuels, have a detrimental impact on environmental and air quality in New York. Using these power plants on hot summer days to meet air conditioning demand can exacerbate poor air quality conditions in nearby communities. Within ConEd territory, there are fifteen oil- or gas-fired peaker plants, stretched across all five boroughs of New York City.

Frank Bruckner, Co-Founder and CEO of Meltek said “For our users to be able to access our cost-saving service through an app on their phone, in addition to our website, is exciting. It is wonderful that more and more New Yorkers can sign up for free and both save money and help the environment.  And with our referral program, if an existing user refers you to our service, both they and you get immediately rewarded when you add your utility account number.

Ted Nygreen, a Westchester retiree, said, “
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to earn substantial savings with Meltek, all for simply reducing my energy usage on a few afternoons. With the new Meltek app on my phone, saving money and reducing pollution will become that that much easier.

Meltek first launched its service in ConEd territory in 2022, at which point its users could only sign up through the company’s website,, where people can still go to access lots of information on how the program works. The more electricity users in New York City and Westchester County saved, the higher the rewards they received.

Residents and businesses in ConEd’s territory are signing up with Meltek in anticipation of the summer 2023 demand response season. Although users can enroll for free with Meltek any time of the year, ConEd customers who sign up by April 3 receive the highest incentive payments under the company’s program.