Residential & Small Business Demand Response Program for Long Island Residents

Get rewarded for using less power during peak demand Events

Program participants receive incentives for temporarily reducing their electric use at critical times when demand for energy is at its highest, such as on hot summer days.

You can receive monetary rewards for saving money and also reducing air pollution in the community. Of course, reducing your electric use will also reduce your electric bill.

Residents and small businesses of Long Island can participate in PSEG Long Island's system relief/demand response program provided by an authorized aggregator.

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Using less power pays off in multiple ways and more stable costs for everyone.
PSEG Long Island's residential & small business system relief/demand response program provided by authorized aggregator Meltek will actually reward you for using less power.

Who is eligible for the program?
Residents and businesses with PSEG Long Island as their electra for the demand response program.
How does Meltek's energy-saving program work?
Simply put, you get paid to save energy during peak demand hours. Sign up with Meltek via our website or by downloading our app and provide your PSEG Long Island information (account number, meter number, and address). We will then enroll you into PSEG Long Island's system relief/demand response program. Afterward, Meltek will notify you, usually a day in advance, when you can get paid for reducing electric use temporarily for a few hours. Your meter data is tracked to measure your energy savings so you can be rewarded you accordingly. The more energy you save below your typical usage level, the more you'll be rewarded.

The program runs each year from May 1st until September 30th, and people who sign up with Meltek before May 1st lead to PSEG Long Island making higher incentive payments.

See below for a simple graphic of how it works in 4 steps:
How Meltek's energy-saving program works for PSEG Long Island customers.
What is an energy-saving event?
Energy-saving event is our term for peak demand periods (typically four hours or less) when electricity is in high demand and you are asked to lower your electricity usage temporarily. These events are opportunities for you to get paid for saving energy. The number of energy-saving events a year will vary based on the electric load situation and weather conditions. During an event, the more energy you save, the more you get paid.
What do I need to do to join the program?
You can sign up with Meltek via our website or by downloading our mobile app. You will need to fill out some contact information so that we can alert you when there's an energy-saving event. We also need your address, PSEG account number, and meter number (located on the back of your bill). Meltek will then take care of enrolling you into the demand response/system relief program.
If you need help locating your PSEG Long Island information, please contact us.
How will I be paid?
If you use less electricity than usual during energy-saving events, then you will be rewarded for your energy conservation after the season ends. Want to get paid in cash? We offer direct bank transfers. Or, you can use your earnings for gift cards from a multitude of well-known brands, such as Amazon, Visa, Target, DoorDash, Starbucks, Best Buy, and many more.  You'll also have the option to use your energy savings to fund trees being planted in sensitive forests, fund carbon offset projects, or donate to any of hundreds of charities, including some right on Long Island.
Graphic of a person saving money on their electric bill through the Meltek app.
Will this program ever cost me money?
Meltek's program is free to use and has no fees or penalties if a participant does not reduce electricity during an event, they will just not be paid.

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