Approved Aggregator of Con Edison's Smart Usage Rewards
Residential & Small Business Demand Response Program

Get Paid for using less Energy by knowing the right time to save

Imagine you're an airline passenger and the flight is overbooked. The airline will offer you an opportunity to wait for a later one and compensates you with a free ticket or maybe direct cash compensation. Now think about the energy grid, and imagine electricity demand is expected to exceed supply.

What if you were offered an opportunity to lower your energy consumption and get compensated for it?

Residents and small businesses in NYC and Westchester County can get paid by Meltek for temporarily reducing their electric use at critical times when demand for energy is at its highest and the electric grid is under stress.

Westchester residents typically saved over $100 with Meltek last summer.

This past summer, Con Edison customers like you, earned back between 20% to 80% of their July and August electricity bills with Meltek.

How it works
Simply put, you get paid by Meltek to save energy during peak demand hours. Get started today. You only need your Con Edison account number (located on your electric bill) and it takes 2 minutes to enroll. Sign up with Meltek via our website or by downloading our mobile app.

The program runs each year from May 1st until September 30th, and people who sign up with Meltek before May 1st receive higher incentive payments than those who sign up later in May.

Smart Usage Rewards is administered by independent third-party aggregators on Con Edison’s behalf. They provide the service to Con Edison by engaging Con Edison customers who will register with, be governed by, and compensated by the aggregator.
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