Last Year in (Good) Numbers

Discover how Meltek users are making a difference! Save energy, earn big $$, and help reduce CO2 emissions. Sign up starts March 1st, Let's create a greener future together!
February 6, 2024

We’ve crunched the numbers from last year and the results are in!

Our data has taught us that our users can create significant impacts on both their wallets and the environment. Last summer, our highest-earning customer managed to save a substantial amount of energy (the equivalent of burning 40+ pounds of coal) while earning over $1,000 for his efforts! 

And our customers in Tribeca, Williamsburg, Airmont, Chelsea, Hunters Point, Westchester, The Meatpacking District, Hampton Bays, Utopia, and Patchogue — collectively saved the most energy. Customers in these neighborhoods managed to avoid releasing over 770 pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere by saving energy. That is approximately the equivalent carbon emissions from burning 400 pounds of coal.

We want to reward people for saving even more! Our official sign-up period to participate in the upcoming summer starts on March 1st. This is the official date Meltek accepts new enrollment to participate in our energy-saving events, which you can learn more about here. Here’s a big thank you to the 80% of all active Meltek users who participated in all of the energy-saving events last summer. These events help protect the grid, and every time you participate you earn more. We are aiming at 100% participation this year!

It is worth noting that energy-saving practices extend beyond immediate savings with Meltek. Residential energy use accounts for a significant portion of national greenhouse gas emissions, with a large percentage resulting from electricity consumption. By controlling home energy consumption, we can achieve substantial reductions in these emissions, playing a crucial role in the fight against climate change. Check out the following statistics illustrating the significant impact our homes have on carbon emissions:


percentage of residential emissions result from electricity use


percentage of residential emissions from direct fossil fuel combustion for home heating

Source: Energy Sage

The inspiring story of Meltek customers who saved significant amounts of energy proves our value proposition, and paying them accordingly aligns with Meltek's commitment to embrace sustainable practices. Moreover, the involvement of the various neighborhoods we outlined earlier does not represent Meltek’s full scale, but just those ten neighborhoods, which alone displaced a large amount of carbon emissions, prove the potential for meaningful environmental change when communities come together in pursuit of a greener future. Meltek's impact serves as a potent reminder that small steps toward energy efficiency can yield significant positive outcomes, both for individuals and our planet. Still have questions ahead of our March 1 sign-up period? Feel free to email us at We would be thrilled to assist you and answer any of your questions.