The Biggest Inflation Drivers in New York? Food And Energy costs.

Have you found that you have less money left over at the end of the month than usual? Prices everywhere have skyrocketed in the past month, especially in New York. Everyday commodities such as food and energy expenses have increased drastically, pushing inflation to the highest rate of 8.6% since 1981.
July 7, 2022

War, pandemic and supply chain issues.

Inflation on everyday expenses has increased the cost of living for all Americans and it does not seem to be stabilizing anytime soon. The current inflation is caused by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has driven up the price of oil and food due to sanctions and export disturbances from those two countries. Food prices were up more than 10% last month compared to May 2021, while energy surged more than 34%. Other reasons are also the strong economic rebound caused by people's spending habits after coming out of the pandemic. Further, Covid-related shutdowns in China has contributed to the world-wide supply chain issues.

The response from the Fed

The Federal reserve responded by raising interest rates by half a percentage point to slow down the economy and help fight inflation. This is the largest increase since 2000 and would make borrowing money more expensive so that consumers and businesses can hold off on large investments, thereby reducing demand and hopefully lowering prices. For consumers, that means mortgages, credit cards and other loans will be more expensive. As prices are currently so high, consumers would naturally decide to save their earnings.

Extreme price increases in food and energy.

All over the news we heard that gas is over $5 a gallon, but other increases are less reported.  

Gasoline inserted into a car
Image from Unsplash by Dawn McDonald,@dpreacherdawn | gas pump.

Below is a chart of how much prices have changed from May 2021 to May 2022 per category. As you can see energy costs have increased by double digits, with electricity increasing by 16.2%. Data from Statista.

Food prices are increasing due to high fertilizer costs and supply chain issues along with the war in Ukraine. Which food ingredients have the highest increases? According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, eggs were up 32.2%, butter/margarine was up 20.2 percent, chicken up 17.4% and citrus fruits up 17.4% year over year.

Women in a supermarket where prices have increased by double digits.
Image from Unsplash by Tara Clark | Women in a supermarket where prices have increased by double digits.

Residential electricity bills have been climbing for months amid mounting natural gas prices and low fuel supply. They’re likely to go up even more as summer heat increases demand due to more people blasting on their air conditioners and other indoor devices. Barclays PLC calculates that monthly power bills will be almost 50% higher than 2021.  Unfortunately, Consumers will need to start decreasing their spending and plan to better budget their expenses until the economy turns around. We have written a helpful article on budgeting methods that are easy and fun. Check it out here.

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